International Board

The SDAJ, Socialist German Workers Youth, is a self-organisation of pupils, apprentices, young workers and students, who live in Germany, regardless of their origin or their passport.
We fight for a world without exploitation and racism, for a world, in which the people and not the companies and bosses are in charge. For us, socialism is the alternative that we fight for.
We won’t reach this alternative with improvements of the already existent system only, but rather need a breakup with this system, capitalism. For us, this breakup, which we want to archieve in struggle for indispensable enhancements of our life conditions, is inevitabe to reach the socialist society. Thus, we are an anticapitalist and revolutionary organisation.
If you want to make a difference, you’ll have to work for it. But if you fight alone, or if you are only engaged in spontaneous action, you won’t accomplish a lot against the ruling classes. The rulers have a great organisation on which they can fall back upon and they are well constituted. This is why it is so important, that we organise us ourselves to act jointly and solidary united. We joint up ourselves all over Germany to the SDAJ, because we don’t want to reach our goal alone, but combined.